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Caring for our Environment

We encourage you to join us in our endeavor to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are reducing our demand on energy and water use by:
  • Where appropriate the use of low energy light bulbs.
  • In our second amenities block the hot water is only switched on as required.
  • We encourage our guests to switch off lights and heaters when not required.
  • Timers are installed on motion sensor lights in the main amenities block and exterior lighting throughout the park.
  • Encourage guests not to leave the taps running whilst shaving, cleaning their teeth or washing dishes and limiting their shower time to 10 minutes.
  • Encourage guests staying in units to re-use towels by drying on towel rails or on airing racks provided.
  • Fridges and t.v’s are switched off when cabins and units are vacant.
  • All linen laundry is line dried whenever possible.
We are reducing our waste by:
  • Providing recycling bins and are part of the “Love NZ’ recycle with care programme.
  • The provision of dispensers for bodywash/soap in the amenities and unit showers.
  • Reuse paper where ever possible, save electronic copies instead of paper.
  • Provision of scrap bin in main kitchen for composting.
  • When linen and towels are replaced, old ones are used for cleaning.
  • Composting of plant, hedge and lawn clippings.
  • We use eco friendly cleaning products wherever possible and use Enjo cleaning clothes.
  • We support local community, by trying to buy local whenever possible and support local activities and businesses with advertising brochures in our reception area along with information & brochures in our guest Information compendiums located in each cabin/unit.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us to make a difference to our environment.